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Principal: Data pages and acceptance letters now online

Additional data pages and acceptance letters now available online

As part of our effort to provide you easier and more convenient access to your clients’ correspondence, we’re excited to announce additional data pages and acceptance letters are now available in Client Correspondence for the packets and products listed below.

Acceptance packets include the acceptance letter, data pages, and a copy of the application (where applicable). With the move to digital versions of these items, you will no longer receive paper copies. For your customers, data pages and acceptance letters will continue to be mailed. Re-date letters are also available and will continue to be mailed to customers.

Packets available:

  • Benefit Update (BU)
  • Automatic Increase Option (AIO)
  • Automatic Increase Benefit (AIB)
  • Future Benefit Increase (FBI)
  • Conditional Renewal

Products impacted:

  • DI750/DI750B
  • DI700, OE702, DBO703
  • DBO794
  • KPR772
  • OE789
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