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Principal Opens Door for More Small Business Owners

New underwriting program designed to help small business owners obtained cost effective DI coverage. 



Increase your opportunities with small business owners using Principal’s new 3-3-3 program. It allows you to provide small business owners a pre-approved 3A occupation class offer when they meet these simple eligibility guidelines1:

  • 3+ years as owner of their business
  • 3+ employees (in addition to themselves) or sub-contract manual labor
  •  $30,000+ net income in each of the previous two years


How it works
1 | Identify prospects that meet the eligibility guidelines.

2 | Request a pre-approved Disability Income quote by sending an email to or calling 206.633.2922

3 | Receive a quote at a 3A occupation class rate – guaranteed.   Some offers may have limited benefits, so we’ll also offer an alternate class at standard benefits. For example, an owner of a plumbing company who does much of the labor might receive two options, such as:

  • Offer at a 3A occupation with a $2,500 benefit and 5-year benefit duration;


  • Traditional maximum benefit quote at  a 2A occupation rate


Benefits for you

  • It’s a quick and easy process for you to explain to your clients.
  • Working with business owners can diversify your client base.
  • Establishing relationships with small businesses with a chance for growth can lead to future revenue opportunities from additional business owner and employee solutions.


Good business candidates

  • Contractors
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Restaurant/hospitality


Other things to know

  • The program is available in all states with Disability Income insurance only.
  • Healthcare-related occupations (“-M” occupations) are not eligible.
  • The program is available until Dec. 31, 2021, or until discontinued.

1 The program provides a 3A occupation class offer for qualified candidates. It is not a Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) or Fall Back program.

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