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GSI census enroll now available through Principal!


As of 7/1 Principal can now enroll all 800 series GSI cases via census enrollment!!



Administrative Eligibility:

  • Must be 800 Series Product, Principal Income Protector
  • Employer Paid or Bonus-Up, Employee-Owned plans.
  • Minimum case size – no restrictions
  • Maximum case size – no restriction.
  • Paper policies will be mailed directly to the EE.
  • State Exclusions: CA, FL, MT, ND, SD, SC, LA, NY, WY
  • CA, FL, MT, ND, SD, SC, WY are excluded until the 800 Product is approved & released.
  • SD, WV, LA are excluded due to regulations around receipt of a delivery receipt.
  • Corporate Situs will be used for all state residents except for NY residents. NY residents will be required to have a NY policy.


Underwriting Eligibility:

  • Occupation exclusions:
  • Medical/Dental  (GSI not available)
  • Attorneys   (GSI Available however case will be enrolled via e-enrollment)
  • No voluntary plans.
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