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Ameritas: IDI issue limits lowered for dental professionals

Effective March 22, 2021, Ameritas is making underwriting and product changes to general dentists, 4M on DInamic Foundation individual disability income policies as noted below:

1) Maximum issue limit (base + Future Increase Option) on individual disability income coverage will be $10,000. Business Overhead Expense limits remain unchanged.
2) Discounts will no longer be available on newly written individual disability income or Business Overhead Expense policies. This applies to the following discounts:

  • Fully Underwritten Multi-Life
  • Association Marketing
  • Medical and Dental Intern, Resident and Fellow
  • Double Annual Premium

Note, policies issued with a Future Increase Option rider prior to March 22, will maintain the discount attached to the policy at time of issue. Also, Guaranteed Standard Issue discounts remain unchanged at this time.

All applications must be received within the new business area no later than close of business on March 22, 2021, to receive current limits and discounting. There will be no exceptions. Applications received after March 22 will be subject to the guidelines above, regardless of when the application is dated.

Ameritas annually reviews the performance of all its disability products, striving to conserve the proper balance between competitive market offerings and product sustainability. Over the years, these reviews have provided liberalizations to items such as, occupational classifications, underwriting rules, and issue limits. However, in this instance, experience within a single occupation dictates a more restrictive, yet highly focused immediate course of action.

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